Large Motor Development

Large Motor Development Large or gross motor skills refer to actions that are taken deliberately and control a majority of the body parts leading to large movements (Berger, 11th ed, p. 150). The child picks some blocks from a container that is a small distance away and moves with them up to the point where… Continue reading Large Motor Development


history of the American literature

In the history of the American literature, there have been immerse changes that may have occurred in the last decades, in particular, the plurality of American politics and culture thoughts. In recent years, there has been a continued intervention of community culture which have emerged due to various factors such as the constitute existence of… Continue reading history of the American literature


Stoicism detailed analysis

Stoicism Stoics believe that the key to a happy and fulfilling life is cultivating an excellent psychological state, and this is attained by being rational (Robertson, 2018). Nonetheless, people can distinguish things that are in their control and those that are out of control. In my view, it is not easy for people to know… Continue reading Stoicism detailed analysis


Nuclear power in the Middle East

Nuclear power in the Middle East has appeared poised for dramatic growth for more than a decade. Iran’s nuclear power plant at Bushehr, the first of its kind in the Middle East, began producing electricity in 2011. Tehran has plans or proposals for additional 11 reactors, according to the World Nuclear Association. Saudi Arabia has… Continue reading Nuclear power in the Middle East

Research the History of Impressionism.

Artists are not respected for their artistic ability they showcase because many people perceive art as a hobby. Other professions, such as doctors and lawyers, are viewed as more critical due to their formal occupation. Today, artists, like lawyers and doctors, gain career experience after attending school and accessing relevant training. Moreover, the artistic work… Continue reading Research the History of Impressionism.

My papa’s Waltz by Roethke

My papa’s Waltz by Roethke is a poem that is a famous poem among poem lovers mainly because of the controversy of what the poem is about. Roethke uses an iambic trimeter in the poem. The lines in the poem have three iambic feet. There are three stressed syllables in every line in the poem,… Continue reading My papa’s Waltz by Roethke